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SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising Hacked [HOT]

gameplay and core mechanics synthetik is a bullet hell game where you must complete certain goals by shooting enemies in order to advance the story. you are able to customize and upgrade your weapons using both in game and using the singularly unique overflow system that allows for infinitely purchased items with only a few dollars using a unique microtransaction system.

SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising hacked


in the end, synthetik takes everything that is great about bullet hell games and turns it on its head. the overflow system allows players to use a currency to unlock incredibly useful items. there is a ridiculous amount of customization to tweak the guns to your liking. the game has a very thematic soundtrack. every bullet that flies throws off sparks that, once collected, throw off randomly placed "spark atoms". the sparks from these atoms allow for your character to slow down the game to a much slower pace. the final effect is a gruesome character death, which is a definite improvement over most bullet hell games. it's a lot more fun.

as for gameplay mechanics, synthetik is able to retain the feel of the more classic bullet hell games, but add in the new mechanics of the overflow system. without the overflow system, some of the old bullet hell games would have lost out on their overall appeal, but using the overflow system, it allows for infinite character progression, and infinite ways to upgrade your weapons. allowing for endless customization is what makes synthetik a much more enjoyable game than many other bullet hell games out there.

the balance for each weapon is great, particularly for weapons that you level up to a certain point. there is a great variety of enemy types to shoot, and it allows for the player to progress through the game in a variety of ways.

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