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House Of Slaughter V01 - The Butcher's Mark (20... ^HOT^

With his house and barn labeled "Family Farm" in the background, a farmer is looking at the erosion on a hilly part of his land; the marks left by the erosion spell out in irregular letters the word: "Veto."

House of Slaughter v01 - The Butcher's Mark (20...

There are two scenes: one at the bottom of the cartoon depicts a river flooding houses and farms and the river is labeled "Cost of Floods"; the other scene is simply a glass of water perched on a cloud and marked "Cost of Flood Control."

A school boy, marked "Senate," is standing with a book labeled "Red Scare Com..." under his arm and looking at a notice marked "Required Summer Work." In the background is a school house, on the roof of which is the label "Needed Legislation." 041b061a72

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