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How to Make and Receive Calls with 3CX Download 6 Softphone for Windows

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The second-stage payloads were used to download a third-stage information stealer, allowing attackers to collect information such as browser history from popular browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Mozilla Firefox.

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The malicious installer for Trading Technologies' X_TRADER software, downloaded and installed on an employee's personal computer, deployed the multi-stage modular backdoor VEILEDSIGNAL designed to execute shellcode, inject a communication module into Chrome, Firefox, or Edge processes, and terminate itself.

"On the Windows build environment the attacker deployed the TAXHAUL launcher and COLDCAT downloader that persisted by performing DLL hijacking for the IKEEXT service and ran with LocalSystem privileges," Mandiant said.

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Recently, there was a supply chain attack on the 3CX unified communications platform, similar to the SolarWinds attack. The attackers inserted malicious code into a software update that many users downloaded. 3CX has reportedly pulled the update after being compromised.

These B64 strings seem to be C&C domains that the shellcode tries to connect to for downloading other possible payloads. However, we were unable to confirm the exact nature of these payloads since the GitHub repository (raw.githubusercontent[.]com/IconStorages/images/main/) had already been taken down at the time of this writing. Note that the process exits when the page is inaccessible.

If you check out the instructions outlined in article: -phones/cisco-7940g-7960g/ Opens a new windowyou wil lsee in Step #3, section 5 and 6, it says that you must manually download the files from a browser and place them into the TFTP root directory. In previous versions, these files were indeed generated and placed in the random prov dir, but in V15 and newer this is not the case, they are generated on the fly.So:1. Set TFTP folder to something like /home/tftp/ or something other than the 3CX prov dir

For those who missed it, someone was able to tamper with 3CX's desktop app and slip malware into it, which was then downloaded by customers. How exactly that happened, well, that's why Mandiant was brought in.

The original Trading Technologies compromise happened at least a year ago, according to Carmakal, who cited a malicious X_Trader software package available for download on the financial trading biz's website in early 2022. North Korean miscreants had tampered with the X_Trader installer, injecting it with a malicious backdoor called VEILEDSIGNAL that was digitally signed in late 2021.

In 2023, a 3CX employee downloaded the malware-laced X_Trader software. This allowed the attacker to compromise the employee's computer, deploy a bunch of malware, move laterally through the 3CX environment and ultimately infect the 3CX DesktopApp software with malware-laden code that was available for download on the 3CX website.

"On the Windows build environment the attacker deployed the TAXHAUL launcher and COLDCAT downloader that persisted by performing DLL hijacking for the IKEEXT service and ran with LocalSystem privileges," according to the analysis. "The macOS build server was compromised with POOLRAT backdoor using LaunchDaemons as a persistence mechanism."

The attacker injected malicious code into 3CX's legitimate software to run a downloader, SUDDENICON, which receives additional C2 servers from encrypted icon files hosted on GitHub. "The decrypted C2 server is used to download a third stage identified as ICONICSTEALER, a dataminer that steals browser information," Mandiant said.

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