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Microsoft Office 2011 14.5.0

Once you have the package built, you should be able to test it by installing it on a machine while the machine is logged out. Once installed, Office 2011 14.5.0 should be properly licensed and not prompt you for a product key.

Microsoft Office 2011 14.5.0

For us, the biggest difficulty lies in our remote users who have to connect via VPN to access company resources including Casper. All our users stay in MS Office apps every minute the computer is on - many even set their Office apps to startup at login. If I need to push out an Office update, I set it to push at login so the updates are applied before users get to their desktop and before the apps auto-launch. For users who are remote, this isn't an option because they are already logged in when they connect to VPN. My only option for them is to ask them nicely to quit their apps and go to Self Service and apply the updates I've made available for them - sometimes that is effective, sometimes not. I prefer to be hands-on with major OS upgrades and especially if EFI and other firmware upgrades are needed. Users get impatient with big updates and may power their Macs off if the update takes too long for their liking. Or if they see the firmware update screen and hear the long tone they may freak out and shut it off before it can complete the update - yes this happens. I'm still trying to formulate a plan for upgrading our remote users to Yosemite (which also includes firmware updates). You may want to rethink the policy of letting users install updates on day 1 themselves. As anyone who fell victim to the Office 2011 14.5.0 update can tell you, vetting the updates before the users get them is a very wise thing to do.

Das jüngste Update für Office für Mac 2011 verursacht offenbar Fehler mit dem E-Mail-Programm Outlook. Microsoft hat Version 14.5.0 kürzlich veröffentlicht. Es soll kritische Sicherheitslücken beseitigen. In Apples Support-Forum haben betroffene Nutzer über Probleme geklagt.

Eine zweite Methode, das Problem zu beheben, ist ein Downgrade auf die Mac-Office-2011-Version 14.4.9 oder früher mittels eines Time-Machine-Backups. Auf diese Weise ist das System aber natürlich nicht gegen Angriffe auf die von Microsoft mit Version 14.5.0 geschlossenen Sicherheitslücken geschützt. 041b061a72

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