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Where To Buy Audio Books Online

They can make boring everyday activities more enjoyable by providing a narrative while you clean, exercise, etc. And when it comes to where to buy your audiobooks, you've got more options than ever before.

where to buy audio books online


If you're not familiar, Project Gutenberg is a website with a library of over 60,000 free ebooks, most of which have expired copyrights. LibriVox is a similar idea, but for audiobooks.

Unlike Amazon's confusing approach (ebooks are kept in the Kindle app while audiobooks are in the Audible app), Kobo ebooks and Kobo audiobooks are both kept in the Kobo app, making it easier to manage and organize everything.

You can buy individual audiobooks on Audible whenever you want, but there's also the Audible Plus subscription plan that costs $7.95 per month and grants unlimited access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts you can listen to at any time.

The subscription pricing is pretty standard at $14.95 per month, but you get TWO books every month: 1 from the Premium selection and 1 from the VIP selection. You also get access to various discounts that are always running, such as audiobooks for $2.99 or two-for-one deals.

If you're looking to get lost in a gripping story or learn something new, look no further than audiobooks. After all, while it may be difficult to concentrate enough to read a physical book right now(Opens in a new tab), the beauty of listening to books is you can absorb the information without having to stare at the page or screen for hours on end. has a free 30-day trial (Opens in a new tab)available that gives you one premium and two VIP books (three books total). Additionally, members have access to free audio news, magazines, and sleep and meditation content. This site also features deals for members(Opens in a new tab), such as 2-for-1 bestsellers.

Good news for both iPhone and Android users: You can buy audiobooks without a third-party app. The interfaces are similar to buying apps on the Google Play store and buying songs on Apple Music. Both have bestseller lists and other category lists (such as "Read Before You Watch" on Apple to read something that's been adapted, or "Advice for a Better Life" for self-help books on Google), so you can explore to find your next read.

Here's how it works: Find your nearest library(Opens in a new tab), input your card information, and you'll have thousands of audiobooks (and e-books) accessible for free. There may be a waitlist for some content. In those cases, OverDrive will tell you where you are on the waitlist and estimated wait times. You have the option of renting e- and audiobooks for one, two, or three weeks.

In my experience, both apps are great. If you want to find audiobooks from only public libraries, try Libby; if you want local libraries and school libraries and the like, try OverDrive. OverDrive also offers Sora(Opens in a new tab), a similar library app geared toward children.

Similar to OverDrive, Hoopla's user is the "public library patron." The company has partnered with public libraries across the United States and Canada to provide not just audiobooks but also e-books, music, movies, and TV shows. Once you sign up with your library card, you'll be able to access content on their browser or app, which is available on iOS and Android. While OverDrive partners with public as well as other libraries, such as those in universities, Hoopla focuses solely on public libraries.

If you already support your local library with OverDrive or Hoopla and now want to support your local bookstore, may be the choice for you. When you buy audiobooks on the platform, splits the profits(Opens in a new tab) with an independent bookstore of your choice. If your favorite store isn't on the list, email [email protected], and Libro will see if they want to become a partner. According to the FAQ, they've partnered with over 1,300 bookstores(Opens in a new tab) thus far.

Another unique factor to is that you can either choose a membership for $14.99 a month that includes one book credit or you can just buy audiobooks a la carte. While other services on this list offer the latter, it's usually coupled with the former.'s app(Opens in a new tab) is available on iOS and Android.

The Audie Awards is a premier awards program recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. Winners across 26 competitive categories will be revealed at the Audie Awards Gala on March 28.

Barnes & Noble audiobooks can be listened to on the free Barnes & Noble NOOK app available in the Apple App Store and from Google Play. The Barnes & Noble NOOK app can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or NOOK eReader for easy listening. Plus, get a free audiobook when you sign up for a B&N Audiobooks Subscription at Barnes & Noble.ol.seoList, ul.seoList padding-left: 15px; aside.seo flex-wrap: wrap; aside.seo h3 width: 100%; margin-top: 15px; display: inline;.seo p width: 100%;

In Japan, you can search, buy, and download audiobooks from the Browse section of the Book Store tab. Audiobooks are not available in all countries and regions. Learn what's available in your country or region.

When you buy a cheap audiobook through Amazon like this, it will be added to your Audible library automatically like any book you buy directly on Audible. You will see it in your Audible app where you can download it and listen to it.

However, if you do not actually care about owning your audiobooks, pop by my guide to unlimited audiobooks subscriptions! Here you can find audiobook subscription services that work like Netflix. And even in your free trial month, you can borrow as many audiobooks as you want!

Our price comparison of a handful of best-seller titles showed that Google Audiobooks consistently prices audiobooks equal to or cheaper than a single credit monthly subscription with Audible. That means if you only listen to around a dozen titles per year, Google will probably be the cheaper of the two.

Another unique thing about LibriVox is that some of its titles are read and recorded by volunteers who make community submissions (opens in new tab) from anywhere in the world. Plenty of LibriVox audiobooks are read out by celebrities or authors too.

Downpour is brought to you by Blackstone Audio (opens in new tab), which is one of the biggest independent publishers of audiobooks in the USA. Blackstone has around 30,000 titles in its back catalog so Downpour members have an enormous selection of works to choose from, including the latest bestsellers.

The Downpour purchasing system is a little more basic than other paid audiobook subscription services. For example, you can listen to Downpour audiobooks using a mobile application, but purchases can only be made through a desktop browser.

Mind Webs used to be a dramatized radio programme hosted by Michael Hanson. Its archive of over 100 speculative and sci-fi short stories is now available online, and it makes for magnificent listening. These high-quality half-hour shows are guaranteed to transport fans of sci-fi audiobooks into different worlds.

To save money on your Audible membership you should also consider signing up for the Audible annual subscription. Just as you can save by buying other products in bulk, with Audible you will pay less when you prepay for your credits with the Audible annual plan. Currently, you will save $2.46 per credit ($29.90 per year) with the Audible Premium Plus Annual at $149.50 per year vs. the Audible Premium Plus plan at $14.95 per month. So if you want to listen to premium titles, the annual plan is the cheapest Audible plan (the Audible Plus plan is less per month but does not include premium audiobooks). Click here to access the Annual Plan. has a 30-day free trial with 3 free audiobooks you can keep even after the trial. You can read why I recommend the service in my review or you can follow this link to access the free trial.

What makes Chirp audiobooks unique is its focus on offering limited-time deals on select audiobooks. Books are yours to keep, and, unlike many other audiobook services, there are no monthly subscription fees or minimum purchases.

Chirp also offers audiobook clubs that are free to join, provide recommendations on a regular basis, and are a great place to find cheap audiobooks! Follow this link to browse all Chirp audiobook clubs.

Like many of the other services featured in this article, Kobo lets you purchase audiobooks individually or under a subscription model. Kobo membership is $9.99 USD per month for 1 credit which can be used for any audiobook. This makes it the audiobook service with the lowest monthly subscription cost for 1 credit.

Librivox is a non-profit initiative to record public domain books and release them as free audiobooks. The site boasts over 10,000 projects, with a diverse set of titles ranging from War and Peace to Leaves of Grass to The Dream of the Red Chamber to Anne of Green Gables.

Scribl is a great option for newer releases, with many of the books read by the authors themselves. These free audiobooks are provided in a serialized form, so you can listen to small chunks that fit into your commute.

To discover why many people turn to audiobooks, we polled 100 American audiobook consumers. When asked why they listen to audiobooks, 93% of Americans listen to audiobooks because they can do something else while listening.

ACX will pay 40% royalty share if you agree to an exclusive distribution arrangement. If you choose a non-exclusive agreement and decide to start selling your audiobook elsewhere, the royalty share drops down to 25%.

If you have an online presence and an engaged community of readers, selling your audiobook on your website is an option worth considering. All it takes is a little marketing know-how and the right resources. 041b061a72

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