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Kennedy Winters

The underlying complaint, brought in Contra Costa County by 43 residents of the City of Richmond (Richmond), seeks to recoup damages from Richmond for losses the residents allegedly suffered when their neighborhood was flooded during the winters of 1995, 1997, and 1998. The residents allege that Richmond's faulty storm drainage and flood control systems caused the flooding.

kennedy winters

There was evidence that he had filed on March 30, 1939, an application for homestead tax exemption in Florida; that he had refused to go to a hospital in Florida; that he had come to Millis for medical treatment; and that he intended to return to Florida in the autumn. But there was also testimony tending to show that during the last four years of his life he always referred to the homestead in Millis as his home; that he never called Florida his home; that he went there to spend the winters; that he had become tired of living in Florida; and that he wanted to sell his property there. 041b061a72

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