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Thousand Years - Sting - NEW!

Modern scientists and engineers have explored these links in intricate detail in recent decades, by drilling into the ice sheets that cover Antarctica and Greenland. Thousands of years of snow have compressed into thick slabs of ice. The resulting ice cores can be more than 3km long and extend back a staggering 800,000 years.

Thousand Years - Sting -

A thousand years, a thousand moreA thousand times a million doors to eternityI may have lived a thousand lives, a thousand timesAn endless turning stairway climbsTo a tower of soulsIf it takes another thousand years, a thousand warsThe towers rise to numberless floors in spaceI could shed another million tears, a million breathsA million names but only one truth to face

A million roads, a million fearsA million suns, ten million years of uncertaintyI could speak a million lies, a million songs,A million rights, a million wrongs in this balance of timeBut if there was a single truth, a single lightA single thought, a singular touch of graceThen following this single point, this single flameThis single haunted memory of your face

I may be numberless, I may be innocentI may know many things, I may be ignorantOr I could ride with kings and conquer many landsOr win this world at cards and let it slip my handsI could be cannon food, destroyed a thousand timesReborn as fortune's child to judge another's crimesOr wear this pilgrim's cloak, or be a common thiefI've kept this single faith, I have but one belief

The concert opens with the majestic, affecting love song, "A Thousand Years," one of the Englishman's strongest songs in years. It's followed by his breakthrough solo single "If You Love Somebody (Set Them Free)," which sounds even better than the original with a newly arranged bridge just before the chorus.

to the poor/afflicted person with you,do not be like a creditor to them;do not place on them excessive-interest [literally: a "bite" or "sting."]

In Jewish tradition, we don't stop with the text as it was written however-many-thousand years ago; we continue to interpret it to bring it to bear in the present moment. In today's global economy, everyone is "our kin." There are no "strangers" from whom we may demand repayment in ways that hurt. We are all one community.

This year is the shmitah year, the year of economic rebalancing. Our ancestors knew that true change must be incremental and on-going: so we have here a cycle of 7 times 7 years, culminating in the 50th year release of the Jubilee.

to the poor/afflicted person with you,do not be like a creditor to them;do not place on them excessive-interest [literally: a \"bite\" or \"sting.\"]

In Jewish tradition, we don't stop with the text as it was written however-many-thousand years ago; we continue to interpret it to bring it to bear in the present moment. In today's global economy, everyone is \"our kin.\" There are no \"strangers\" from whom we may demand repayment in ways that hurt. We are all one community.

Carlo Ponzi was born in Parma, Italy, in 1882. He arrived in the United States in 1903, the heyday of robber barons, convinced like many immigrants that the streets were paved with gold. This get-rich-quick artist, endowed with more imagination than talent, tried all sorts of fiddles, practised a thousand trades and frequently found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Employed in a Montreal bank in 1909, Ponzi was accused of passing a dud cheque and given three years in prison. Released within two years for good conduct, he returned to the US. Ten days after his release he was rearrested for trying to smuggle a group of illegal Italian workers into the country. He was given a further two-year sentence.

In 1919, after any number of attempts at all sorts of scams, he stumbled on the dodge for which he became notorious. Since 1907 the international postal union had issued a sort of universal postage stamp, known as the international reply coupon. By chance, Ponzi saw one of these coupons on a letter posted in Spain. He sensed profits. According to his calculations, this coupon, which in Spain cost the equivalent of one US cent, could be exchanged in a US post office for a stamp costing six cents. He concluded that one million invested in Spain, Italy or France could be worth six times that sum on the other side of the Atlantic.

The state agency announced that there will be a series of stings in August and September to determine which retailers sell to minors. The TABC will actually be sending minors to businesses near colleges to attempt to buy alcoholic beverages.

The Texas Senate approved a bill that would pump some additional state money into Texas school districts over the next two years. But state senators want to spend a lot less money on schools than members of the Texas House.

Project organizers believe that the quilt, which will measure 150 by 500 feet, will be a striking visualization of a portion of the deaths from AIDS, which reached more than 24,000 nationwide as of September. Health officials expect the toll to reach 179,000 within three years. The organizers also hope to raise funds to take the quilt on a 35-city tour next year.

1-3. And I saw an angel come down from heaven with a chain, and the key of the abyss. The abyss is named in Revelation 9:1 Revelation 9:11 Revelation 11:7 Revelation 17:8 . It is the present abode of Satan and his evil spirits. The things seen by John are symbolical. They imply that in some way the power of Satan shall be virtually destroyed upon the earth. 2. He laid hold on the dragon . . . and bound him a thousand years. The chain I suppose to be the Word of God. At this period of the triumph of righteousness the gospel takes such hold of the hearts of men that Satan loses his powers over them. We can easily see how this is accomplished by what takes place under our own eyes. A man may be drunken and lawless, but if he repents under the influence of the gospel he ceases to serve Satan. The devil loses his power over that man. When that period shall come for which the saints in all ages have wistfully looked, when the laws of God shall be written upon every heart, then Satan, bound with a chain, the chain of truth, shall be deprived of influence on the earth. 3. And cast him into the abyss. During this millennial period the chained enemy of man is cast into a prison house, but not the lake of fire. Had he gone there he should never more return. He shall go there as his ultimate fate (see verse 10 ), but after the thousand years, he is to return to the earth for a little season, and until the final effort of his long struggle against God he shall be confined in the abyss, from whence there is the possibility of escape, instead of being cast into the lake of fire, which is an eternal doom. In the bottomless pit the great deceiver shall remain till the thousand years are ended, when for a little season he shall regain his power.

4-6. And I saw thrones and they that sat upon them. These thrones are symbols of rule. It implies that they who sit on them shall have sway. And judgment was given to them. They shall exercise a moral judgment over humanity. I saw the souls of them. Of the martyrs. Note that it is the souls that he observes. And they lived and reigned with Christ. John saw that those who sat on the thrones reigned with Christ a thousand years. "In the last days the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow into it." Isa. 2:2 . Will Christ come visibly to reign in person as an earthly monarch? The personal coming of the Savior is placed by all the sacred writers as the last event before the great judgment day. This great epoch is placed after the millennial period, and also after the overthrow of Satan in his last conflict. If the Savior, then, during the millennial period, is not visibly present upon the earth, how can he reign? Just as he reigns over each saint now. Those who know the Lord accept him as king, but in this period "the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters do the channels of the sea." All men shall hear and obey the gospel, and all shall submit to the beneficent sceptre of Christ. Souls of them that had been beheaded. These are they "who lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Is this a literal resurrection from the grave? I answer decidedly in the negative. (1) The apostle does not say one word about the resurrection of the bodies of the martyrs, nor does he say that he saw the martyrs themselves. He is particular to say that he saw the souls or spirits of the martyrs living and reigning with Christ. (2) They had been put to death in the body, and their souls were unseen upon the earth, but there is no intimation in Scripture that their souls had ever ceased to exist. They were alive with Christ, but now they live in some sense different from that existence which they had before. It cannot mean that their souls came to life, for they had never ceased to have existence. (3) What, then, does the affirmation mean? That as Christ reigns upon the earth during the millennial period by his truth, so the spirit of the martyrs is revived and lives in the Church. The souls of the martyrs live because the Church is composed of those who love Christ better than goods or liberty or life. This glorious reign of Christ pervades the earth because the souls of the martyrs are resurrected and live in all who name the name of Christ, and who are filled with the spirit of ancient martyrs. (4) If any should think such an interpretation of symbolical language far fetched, let him compare Scripture. This explanation is not forced nor the interpretation of the language unusual. It was predicted by the prophets that Elias must come again before the Messiah. He did come in spirit and power, not in person, but as the stern, fearless, upright reformer of the wilderness of Jordan. In the same sense Ezekiel speaks ( chap. 37:12-14 ) of the return of the captive Jews to their own land: "I will open your graves, oh my people, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land of Israel." When Martin Luther was engaged in deadly struggle with the Papacy, Pope Adrian sent a brief to the German Diet at Nuremburg, which contained these words: "The heretics Huss and Jerome are now alive again in the person of Martin Luther." A thousand years. I am not prepared to say that this blessed period shall be limited to a thousand years, but am rather disposed to believe that a thousand years, a round period of great duration, is chosen to show to the longing student of the prophets that there shall be a long, long period of righteousness upon the same earth that has been reddened with blood, filled with crime, and made foul by sin. The characteristics of this golden period of the human race are clearly pointed out by the prophets. 5. But the rest of the dead lived not. If "the souls of the martyrs" live again spiritually and morally upon the earth in the millennial period, as I have explained, then this statement is to be explained in harmony. The rest of the dead lived not until the end of the thousand years. The sublime faith of the martyrs pervades the saints during this period, and other men, wicked or less noble, sleep in silence, unseen and unknown, without influence upon the earth, until the millennial period is ended. They have no part of the first resurrection, of the spirits of the martyrs. 6. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection. In this great moral and spiritual resurrection that brings in the Millennium. On such the second death hath no power. The second death is the sad doom of eternal death. See verse 14 . 041b061a72

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