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Filthy Ladyboy

"Now that we've cleaned your filthy little face and mouth, its time to start your training," he told me as the two other men lifted me to my feet and started leading me to a strange contraption laying on the floor...

filthy ladyboy

5th over: India 26-2 (Kohli 17, Raina 10) Jade Dernbach comes on to replace Steve Finn. He could do with a decent game after a chastening ODI series. After a decent start to the over, Raina cuts a filthy delivery for four. "The inclusion of Buttler makes this a potential On the Buses tribute side," says Ian Copestake, "to be bolstered further by picking a Blakey, an Olive and a Chalky." Picking a Blakey is India is not to be advised.

6th over: England 28-1 (target 121; Hales 10, Pietersen 2) This is filthy cricket from England. They are all over the place on an admittedly tricky pitch. Hales misses a premeditated reverse sweep, and then Pietersen survives a huge shout for LBW after missing a sweep. It looked extremely close, although I suppose it might have been missing leg. Hawkeye suggests it was indeed missing leg. Pietersen has two from nine balls; Jadeja has figures of 2-0-2-1. "Another question which some OBO reader may be able to answer: has anyone seen the Ladyboys of Bangkok's act?" says John Starbuck. "My wife is going tonight with a bevy of her old school friends and I'd like to know what state I can expect them back in." 041b061a72

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