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Time is of the Essence

People are dying from something preventable. The solution? The time and labor intensive equivalent of placing a bandage. Kinking and dislodgment of needle decompression catheters are two factors that grossly contribute to the mortality rate associated with tension pneumothoracies (TPtx). TPtx are currently the third leading cause of death in combat and trauma situations.


The TensionSquare secures the catheter in place for both mid-axillary and anterior chest placements, maintains effective depth placement of said catheter, and puts an end to needless complications/repeat procedures previously caused by catheter kinking and dislodgment. 


​Having the ability to perform a needle decompression and secure it in place WHILE preventing kinking or folding of the catheter, especially with mid-axillary placement, is a crucial development. A development that prevents unnecessary harm to the patient, reduces stress for the care provider, and above all saves lives.

Needle decompression catheters have been helping save lives for years; the crucial lack of stability in EMS and combat situations has been this vital treatment’s only shortcoming. However, when paired with the Tension Square this weakness is eliminated.

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